4​-​way split

by Marjory Stewart-Baxter

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4 way split with:
/ .kusto
/ escapsim
/ fennec the fox

looking for a label


released October 14, 2016

recorded, mixed and mastered:
Studio Fonia & Jakub "żebro" Knober-Żebrowski
(december 2015 - january 2016)

special thanks for Tadeusz, may the Force be with you


all rights reserved



Marjory Stewart-Baxter Puławy, Poland

An emoviolence band from Puławy, Poland, formed in 2009, split after after 1 gig, reactivated in 2012

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Track Name: greeting, pt. 1 (hello)
I was just suddenly there
waiting for more junction

first sight is a fairytale
I faintly recall first longing

and there was no life before
a new constellation of synapses became my north

and I see all our journeys
big and small
and silent window talks

and I just can't wait to die by your hand
Track Name: bridge/chorus
we have become one person again
like moths to the flame
we have crushed our skulls together again
like the last quarter

to jack off our childish drama
and juggle grown-up words

it's all already happened
it's all so simple and clear
and yet the fire is so bright
just one more shot

I guess it's time to grow up
I wonder who will first
Track Name: artificial misunderstandings for underdeveloped, yet miserably understandable purposes
your colourful cloud has become your sun
it looks almost like one I used to have
I know my hands won't reach you
and I know you can't see my face

ajna curbed
you can't cancel momentum
I wish I could remind you

anyway, I rest my case
Track Name: the sparrow, the scarecrow and the old wardrobe
I woke up tired in yesterday's shirt
someone dressed a tree
but the roots are the same, old fears, scarecrow and
sparrow near. out of reach

I would like to go to the Crimea
and together with other
envy the birds in the sky
completely or not at all
Track Name: Le Pendu
you smiled at the flowers mechanically
with your nose stuck and void in your eyes

I could get you better
like I did this time
a journey to another planet actually sounds like fun
I've been here infinite times
and I did this right I did this wrong

I could fix your nose
and I could fix your eyes
but there is no way I can fix your heart

I've always tried to try harder
try ever harder
now I'll try - and it's hard -

I'll try not to try

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